Frances Wilson-Fitzgerald

studio director

Frances Wilson-Fitzgerald – patron and studio director

Since the age of twelve, Frances Wilson-Fitzgerald has been involved with great singing teachers – beginning with Dame Sister Mary Leo and continuing through the next forty years in London, Adelaide, Melbourne, Bloomington, Indiana and New York; playing for, coaching and studying with many of the great names of our time. She has spent hundreds of hours in all of these capacities and is totally absorbed by the journey of a young singer from vocal beginnings to the professional life many of them attain.

Currently Frances is dedicating much of her energy providing help to as many young aspiring singers as possible through the Auckland Opera Studio, by employing greatly respected coaches and teachers to give classes to groups of aspiring artists, both collectively and singly.

It is very rewarding work and of course the main focus is that the service is completely free, supported by the Board and Sponsors of our Charitable Trust, The Auckland Opera Studio. Not only is the service free, but all singers also receive performance fees.

The second thrust of the Auckland Opera Studio is to provide performance opportunities for these musicians, both in opera and recital work. Recitals now have a new home on the 2nd floor of the wonderful former Masonic Lodge at 24 St Benedicts Street, Newton, Auckland. It is a great space for performance and coaching, and true to form Frances was teaching up to 7 hours a day while renovations were carried out around her.

For all voice coaching enquires please contact studio director Frances Wilson.