The years following formal opera training are crucial. Professional coaching is beyond the financial reach of most young singers. The Auckland Opera Studio was established to provide New Zealand professional singers with personalised coaching, at no cost to themselves, within an environment of knowledge, enthusiasm and support… somewhere their talents can thrive.

This is the philosophy behind Auckland Opera Studio.

Singers, individually or in small Opera Studio classes, flourish within a professional support system. They continue honing their art in all its aspects between musical engagements. The majority of singers have completed an Emerging Artists Programme, overseas college tuition, or a graduate degree. Other senior artists come to the Opera Studio to work on one or two aspects of a performance.

The Auckland Opera Studio endeavours to ensure that talented and successful professional singers are given the opportunity to realise their full potential, both for New Zealand and in preparation for overseas study and/or work.

The Auckland Opera Studio previously hosted opera soirees at Mollies Hotel and now has a new exciting venue at the former Masonic Lodge, 24 St Benedicts Street, Newton, Auckland.

The Auckland Opera Studio also holds classes for newer and younger singing students. University opera students tend to take advantage of the Opera Studio’s Masterclasses. The Studio’s main thrust is to invite well respected teachers, coaches and conductors to instill their discipline to the chosen group of singers.

We encourage anyone who is interested in partaking of these classes to contact us.

Also… young pianists interested in accompanying or coaching these classes would find it a way of opening the door to understanding vocal techniques, styles and languages… all of which are totally necessary for success in their field.